They can live together in groups of hundreds to thousands. Fly papers won't be any good so don't waste time on these. Occasionally a vacuum cleaner (nozzle type) can be used as the sole control method where aggregations exist within reach and the collected flies can be disposed of in a sealed bag. Control Cluster flies are extremely difficult to control, and often cannot be fully controlled. Very often Cluster Flies return each year to the same attic, loft or roof space to over-winter. They breed in the soil and hibernate each winter in lofts. A Cluster Buster fly trap is a chemical-free way to eradicate them from windows where they like to ‘cluster’. 100% recommend! We have checked our loft on several occasions. The thorax of an adult cluster fly is covered in short, golden hairs and the wings overlap when at rest. Cluster Fly image licensed under CC. If there is a large population of cluster flies, they tend to cluster along windows or inside attics and usually in little-used areas on warm, sunny days. The good news is that although you may be unfortunate and have invasions of cluster flies every year, control is fairly easy.Using an ordinary aerosol fly spray in the loft will kill all the cluster flies it hits, but will not penetrate into the cracks where flies may be hibernating. The Cluster Buster is a type of fly trap to get rid of cluster flies that is absolutely eco-friendly. In Britain two generations of cluster flies are common, but in hot summers up to four are possible. So easy to light and after I did all hell broke loose. Our cluster fly smoke bombs will deliver rapid knockdown once it is diffused and reach all areas of the room even those small crevices. Once the flies are inside, e.g. We had a problem with cluster flies in our loft. Then, as temperatures warm in the spring, they emerge from their harborage sites in … The females lay their eggs in soil and the larvae parasitize themselves on earthworms for about 15-20 days. These options include: Gathering in loft spaces and around windows, cluster flies are a cause for concern. When at rest, the cluster fly will overlap its wings; the house fly's wings remain separate. Cluster flies are medium to large (8-15mm) 'dopey' flies, with a dark gray to black non-metallic abdomen. By killing the insects when they come into the area and continuing with a treatment over the Autumn – Winter period, the scent will gradually be diminished to an extent where other cluster flies will not return annually. We've checked for dead mice or rodents - but nothing. Does anyone know of a "bat friendly" way of getting rid of these flies as the above may be a bit harsh on any potential bats that may be living in my loft.. Cluster files can be a dam nuisance, so many nooks & crannies in a loft, it's pointless fumigating them, as you won't get them all, especially in winter, as they usually overwinter in lofts. Cluster Fly Kill and Control Treatment Kit 1 contains the products you need for killing and stopping cluster flies that very often are a problem in attic, loft, roof void or bedroom areas. Jon-Newbury-Great kit, got rid of the cluster flies! Thousand of flies within the loft can cause a hygiene issue, due to the amount of fly droppings and dead flies. Cluster flies tend to operate at night so this option is perfect for control 24/7. There are about four generations hatched per summer. Obvious sign of an infestation is a roof space containing a large quantity of lethargic flies and a quantity of dead flies. They will often be found in colonies of hundreds up to several thousands. Cluster flies, also known as attic flies, are household pests.. to stop a fly getting into a loft and if one fly can get in, so can the hundreds of others. in the loft or attic space, control is relatively simple both with physical methods and a range of insecticides and formulations. This is known as overwintering. The good news is that although you may be unfortunate and have invasions of cluster flies every year, control is fairly easy. Cluster flies; scarf round face - bennie hat pulled down over ears - work goggles - can of fly spray in each hand and go in like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The adult flies feed on the nectar of garden and wild flowers. Stored materials can be at risk of spoilage and header tanks can become blocked with fly bodies. I had an infestation of cluster flies in my loft, literally hundreds and after reading the reviews went for the 11g super fumer. Have already recommended you to my neighbours :) Steve-Bristol-Dealt with the cluster fly problem in my attic. Appearance What Do They Look Like? Adult flies feed on flowers. However, they are a nuisance, and are parasites on our earthworms. Cluster flies are light and dark grey striped flies that gather inside your home around doors and windows. Historically cluster flies would hibernate in hollow trees, under lose bark or other dry sheltered areas. It is adviseable to clear up dead flies where practical. Be careful of the fumes though! The larvae use earthworms as a food source. Fumigating with smoke bombs is the fastest way of eradicating a cluster fly infestation in your home or loft as it will literally flush out all cluster flies present at time of treatment. The cheapest way to get rid of them is fly spray. Smoke Bombs for Cluster Flies from £5.79! We have hundreds in ours and for the last two years I've been getting ready for them by putting up lots of long acting fly killer in the loft and plenty of fly paper! Cluster flies typically hide in the cracks and crevices of homes during the winter to avoid the cold, only emerging in the spring when temperatures warm. Cluster flies are not usually a health hazard. As they tend to favour lofts and roof spaces they are also known as ‘attic flies’ or ‘loft flies’. Close all doors and windows etc and spray the little bleeders and they will die. Cluster Flies Facts, Identification & Control Latin Name. Length: Adults measure 8 to 10 millimeters. It acts as a sort of marker that they leave behind when they vacate your loft … The larvae feed for about 22 days. It uses an innovative technology wherein the flies quickly sink in the patented lightweight powder. Best method of control I found was a electric fly killer fixed to a gable wall. Pollenia. Cluster Flies can also be a problem behind wall cladding whether it be a timber clad wall or a tile hung elevation. Cluster fly killing fumigation device; Fast knockdown of cluster flies in lofts or roof spaces; Treats an area of 120m 3 Product Information The Formula 'P' Fumer is a cluster fly killing smoke bomb which releases an insecticidal (permethrin) smoke and is ideal for getting rid of cluster flies in lofts, roof spaces or other areas of the home. They live outside during the summer months but invade homes and lofts in their hundreds and sometimes thousands during the autumn, winter and spring. If you have cluster flies you might see different types; small, large, green, yellow, ones that look like a house fly, long legged flies. There are a few other cluster fly species that vary slightly in size and colour, but the common cluster fly is the one you’ll be mostly likely to find in your loft space. View: 25 50 All In the fall, these overwintering pests try to enter your home looking for a warm place to survive the winter. Pest Expert Formula 'P' Foggers are an alternative to smoke bombs for getting rid of cluster flies in lofts. I could smoke bomb the whole loft, and/or use a slow release insecticide. Includes a residual insecticide spray, an insecticidal powder and fumigation smoke bombs to flush out and kill cluster flies. I honestly thought there was a dead body in my loft when I had this problem...farmer in the pub explained about them. Great price and service. Cluster flies use that distinctive sickly-sweet smell to find their way back into your attic. All the flies in my loft are dead thanks to this fantastic kit! Call DB Pest Control now on 07850 317 384 Cluster flies don’t pose a threat to humans, they’re not parasitic and they don’t lay their eggs in […]