Why Volunteer?

There are several reasons to volunteer.  There is no doubt that your time and efforts volunteering in your child’s classroom and for PTO events truly help make a difference at Oak Point.  Depending on how you volunteer, you have the opportunity to get to meet and work with Oak Point teachers and staff.  You also have the opportunity to meet and work with other Oak Point families.  


Please check our Volunteer Sign-Ups page for our event sign-ups. Open board and chair positions, as well as other ongoing volunteer needs, are also posted on this page.



I work full time.  I work part time.  I have small kids at home.  

How can I still volunteer?

There are many ways to volunteer and help out Oak Point.  You can:

  • Donate money to our organization, either via the donate link on the bottom right hand corner of this website or to a specific event such as Staff Appreciation meals or Carnival.
  • Donate requested food items to staff during Staff Appreciation meals.  You can send your non-perishable items in with your child to school or you can drop them off anytime during school hours at your convenience.
  • Purchase items that are needed for your children’s homeroom and/or specials (Art, Music, Gym, Spanish) classrooms. Teachers will often notify parents if they need specific items or are short supplies.
  • Look for volunteer times for PTO sponsored events such as Carnival, Scholastic Book Fairs, and Field Days that might match your personal schedule. Many volunteer opportunities happen during the day, but some, like Carnival, do happen in the evening hours.
  • Look for ongoing volunteer opportunities that are flexible and work with your schedule like volunteering in the media center or helping out in your child’s homeroom or specials classroom.
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