Put the Avenger .25 through a site-in with JSB 25.39 pels. As for 4500 fill pressure, of course, the gun doesn’t have to be filled to that pressure to operate properly. This is our way of thanking you for being a part of the worlds biggest I don't really mind waiting, but it would be nice to know what's going on with them. 11th Sept 2020 In this video I will Review, tear down, modify, and shoot the Air Venturi AVENGER in 25 Caliber. The Air Venturi Avenger PCP air rifle is very light at 6 Lbs 1 Ounce without scope. For what it's worth, (and I have had expensive guns-both break barrel & pcp-and other inexpensive guns), but this is the best yet for consistency, accuracy, and power. PA's done this over and over. I am not trying to be a smart a--, I just appreciate what AirVenturi has produced at a reasonable cost to provide a VERY high performing air gun. @be4meliz   Yes, I received the Avenger on the 20th. You … If you’re wanting a pesting or hunting rifle In .177 I believe the gun has the capability to give you excellent results. So far, the gun-the magazines-the side lever-the trigger are flawless. 6 months ago. NOW, the in stock timing is September 15 !!! Order date was 6/17. WHAT? Hi everybody! It looks like you've taken the Rekord... @straitflite Yeah, it's pitiful... the backlog was rep... RE: Besides me, who likes shooting on a snowy day? @be4meliz  My final post on the Avenger. Air Venturi Avenger 25 - Review Tear Down Mods 100 Yards with AVS 254 Slugs. Refunded his money no problem but product inventory should be second nature to online vendors by now. Air Venturi Avenger shipped. We've known each other since the second grade after all. I ordered the Air Venturi Avenger .25 on June 19 from PA. Avenger PCP Air Rifle High end features at an entry-level price, the Avenger sets a new standard for similarly priced PCP’s to live up to. Know that my intent with the .177 (and I do have a .25 Avenger as well) is to use it as a gun to loan to people who would like to try shooting field target but may not want nor be able to spend a lot of money on a dedicated rifle. , Awesome! 30 minutes after I posted, an email popped up with my shipping notification. @airgunsoftulsa  Hi Dave: Thanks for the response. With: 0 Comments. See note on PA web site. Put 4-16-50 scope on, soooo I'm ready for the compressor to get here STAT donchano! They look a lot a like for sure. The .177 IMHO is every bit the gun the larger calibers are in terms of accuracy. It sounds like my friend may be turning to the dark side. Out with the Air Venturi Avenger, Again! If your are looking for a great way to keep shooting for a little money in these times of expensive and hard to find ammo consider this. Become an AGN forum member to be included in our multi-thousand dollar Why? When I received my .22 caliber Avenger to test and review (also available in .177 and .25), I was absolutely stunned. So no real hurry with this one. Best Regards. Views : 316 Likes : 1 Likes : 1 | Subscribe December 11, 2020 at 1:49 pm Link brian_nullParticipant Member Has anyone found a parts diagram for the Avenger yet? Discussion in 'Air Guns' started by HJ857, Jul 27, 2020. The 20th silently came and went.. We also have a feel for the accuracy of the gauges fitted to the gun. Immediately used my Patch Worm kit and cleaned the barrel. That placed the Center of Gravity too far forward for Stephen Archer’s liking. Sorry the Texas Show was cancelled. Nova Vista used similiar in the Freedom and Aspen. The Air Venturi Avenger and Umarex Origin both have side-lever actions using 10-shot, Marauder-style magazines. Although I’ve yet to see a .177 review I’m hoping it shoots like its’ bigger brothers. Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 4.5 92 reviews Review, article, latest buzz Before you shop around, keep one thing in mind - … Have put about 100 of the JSB 25.39 pels through, all from the 8 shot cartridge. What’s your Pick. This could bode well for the entire community of air gunners if the results of this gun triggers (pun intended) a movement toward better performance at affordable cost. It is Made by Nova Vista, same as the Avenger. Nothing outside of 3/4", but most within a dime sized group. One of the hottest and most talked about guns in recent times, the Air Venturi Avenger is at the top of many wish lists and in high demand. Through our rounds we stopped at the Air Venturi booth where we first spotted the Avenger. No externally adjusted regulator and gauge. The Avenger with a cheap ebay pump is about the same cost as this one, but can be tuned from sub 20 to 50+ fpe. AEAC's 2nd YouTube Channel, and later pleading with dealers to reinstate their original spot. I also adjusted the trigger to my liking to about 1-1/2lb of pull. Great news! We'll still stay friends. It becomes a different way to regulate the pressure over a given range. Only issue I have is that my mags are tight to the point of binding(its about clearance & not the rotating front) -fixed by sanding back of mag on flat surface with #150 grit & now function properly( didn't take much)Cleaned barrel completely afterward & will get some strings out today + try some of my Nielson & griffin slugs. Very well done. Would love to hear what they tell you. So, Umerex claims it has the "Ever Pressure Tank System", but how does it work and what is it really? Hand pumping beyond 3200 psi is just beyond this 80 year old codger, but I still get 30 shots until it falls off the reg. Check back for progress in the near future! Pretty sure my 0.22 ordered 7/9 is gonna be a while before it ships......just a few days too late.......... . I ordered the Air Venturi Avenger .25 on June 19 from PA. Yes, I am concerned somewhat, but based on the adjustability features, power, and accuracy demonstrated on AEAC , Tyler Patner video's I am willing to deal with fill pressure. DonnyFL Air Venturi Avenger Extender 1/2 x 20 Adapter. We made a visit to the 2020 Shot Show in Las Vegas Nevada to check out some new offerings from many different manufacturers. There's no doubt that the Avenger is THE $300 PCP to buy if you're an experienced, interested airgunner who loves to tinker. This is a keeper! It is not new techno;ogy. Has anyone seen or heard anything on the first wave? Just curious, did you buy the 77 for target, and the 25 for pesting/hunting? It will be interesting to see what it can do with a 3000 psi fill. Topic Tags: Air Venturi (15), Avenger (6), Forum Search. The Air Venturi Avenger is a powerful PCP air rifle with moderating fully shrouded barrel and a maintenance free synthetic barrel. Well I shopped around, and got her a 22 cal Air Venturi Avenger, a hand pump, scope with target turrets and rings for under $500, and after trying out a few different pellets, I will spend the rest of the $40-50 on a load of … Didn’t happen....Any reason other than those given by PA/AV will be purely speculation and will unfortunately not improve the delivery. Have seen zero info on this caliber. @airgunsoftulsa Dave. The PCP rifle features a combined 11 mm dovetail and Weaver/Picatinny rail for mounting a rifle scope or red dot. Then they said; sorry we're out of the one you ordered. @be4meliz Yo: I watched the AEAC video several times last week. The NEW Air Venturi Avenger is going to take the PCP market by storm. What’s your Pick? AEAC's 2nd YouTube Channel, Good to hear from you! Here we have a review of the Umarex Origin by Mr. Eustler. RE: Air Arms TX200 or HW97? I got the .22 version. Could be a good bargain but i'm sticking with the Avenger. . HAM readers first heard about it in our report from the 2020 SHOT Show.. Good news $100 complete "customer return" parts guns some may be even functional direct from ATI including the self contained Freedom Pumper PCP extremely close relative to the Seneca Aspen. T&Cs | Rules | Limitations | Privacy Policy. Assume you have received yours by now, as PA. stated that orders prior to July 8th would be covered with 1st shipment. I have not tried a variety of ammo as it has responded to shooting the JSB 10.34 exceptionally well for it’s intended use. When the Air Venturi Avenger was announced at SHOT Show earlier this year, I was skeptical. @caninesinaction- Glad to hear it- Check this guide out(it's for .22 but should apply) airgunnation.com/topic/aeac-video-air-venturi-avenger-22-full-tuning-guide/     Will post targets @ 65 yds + chrony for several pellets, if I get soon enough today(Fedex) Gonna try his 1800 reg set with Hs @ 2.75 turns from fully out & go from there. I suggest taking them both in for the full story. How do you pre-pressurize the air chamber? Also know the gun as you receive it, is not what I’d consider backyard friendly in terms of noise. I have been in this hobby for a fairly long time, and have never seen the kind of reviews that the Avenger has gotten from credible sources re: a very affordable gun. +1 and ATI Nova Liberty too. The second link is straight to the full length Youtube video review of the gun. Forums › PCP Airguns › PCP Airgun – Discussion › A competitor for the Air Venturi Avenger? My SCBA tank is never at 300 bar even after a fill so my testing will be starting somewhere less than 100% full. Bought some FX slugs, and will also try the power tune later. Hopefully, I will soon be able to report back with some findings as to what can be expected from the gun. I sold or traded everything and bought a P1(HW45) and an R9(HW95), both in .22, and never looked back. I also think that Air Venturi is creating a major direction to the rest of the manufacturers. Here we have a … Ordered my .25 on July 1st & receiving today, as have quite a few people on other forums. As received from PA, the Avenger was set at 2700 on reg., 5.5 turns in on HS. Waiting for a compressor on order to fill gun. Original reply from PA was "in stock" in early July, then target moved to July 20. Any "wandering" is me shooting off of home made rice bags. Last hunt it was prairie dogs in South Dakota, this time I’m after squirrels in Wisconsin! I told him to watch those videos. Not polyanna, but success breeds success. Original reply from PA was "in stock" in early July, then target moved to July 20. Reliability of that pressurization system is an uknown. Well, then there's that! Below the forend a Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail is placed for mounting a bipod, light … The Pyramyd Air Blog said the .177 would be shooting at 22 FPE which is a little hot for Field Target. Good Stuff, thanks. @airgunsoftulsa HOW YOU DOING AIR GUNNER MY NAME IS BREAK BARREL I WAS LOOKING AT YOUR POST TALKING ABOUT THE 177 AVENTURINE AVENGERS I AM INTERESTED IN BUYING IT IS THE AIR RIFLE ANYTHING LIKE IT'S BIG BROTHER IS IT WORTH THE BUY FOR SMALL GAME BECAUSE I AM INTERESTED IN BUYING IT TODAY THANK YOU HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU. I'm still awaiting the compressor delivery, so I used the "eBay" hand pump. The first link below is to the written review of the gun. Requested feed back from PA this morning. Anyone know what is going on with Air Venturi, re: Avenger availability? Interesting thought. Gotta laugh- Sighted my .25 @ 65 yds also- Ran ~ 200 shots thru it yesterday on 2000 psi reg set &2 turns in on HS & was getting~ 55 shots on full fill @ 890fps & 1/2" groups @ 65 yds. Here is my FULL REVIEW of the new King of $300 PCP air rifles, the Air Venturi Avenger. Air Velocity Sport / 449 Views / 11-09-2020. No other gun on the market gives you this combination of versatility, quality, and affordability, which makes it the entry level rifle to beat. You get higher pressures faster because the piston takes space, and it takes pressure to push it back. Should be an interesting time. This topic was modified 3 months ago by Mustafamalikzada . By: Jim Chapman. He returned it. Air Venturi Avenger Full Power Tune – Part Two by Stephen Archer June 10, 2020 In the last post in this series, we looked at the performance of the .22 caliber Air Venturi Avenger in factory tune condition . RE: Crosman 150 serial #'s . BRAND NEW Air Venturi Avenger…New KING of $300 PCPs. 3 different tunes. It offers a huge raft of benefits including - most importantly - the ability to easily change the regulator setting and … @pointyhead  My .25 avenger is on the truck for delivery today. Requested feed back from PA this morning. Pyramyd Air tells us that they expect to have the new Air Venturi Avenger PCP air rifle available around the end of June 2020. I’m thinking that without the pump, they could sell it for $250 and it could be a possible competitor for the Air Venturi Avenger. I’m going to play the devil’s advocate and say it will be late fall, maybe late October before we pull the trigger on one.Few, if any, airgun products as exciting as this one will arrive on their first ETA and sometimes the second. CNC-machined matte black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum alloy Hole through threads for easier installation and removal Allows for larger moderators to be used without impacting fill cap removal Centers the barrel inside of the shroud 1/2 x 20 male threads Works with Air Venturi Avenger Has anyone found a parts diagram for the … They sent something else. Back on topic. The brand new FX Crown MkII IN STOCK NOW at Baker Airguns... Pyramyd Air launches Build Your Own Airgun! Date of order for mine was 6/28. Hi Donnie, I watched the video. I intend on "working" with the gun to fully explore what it can and cannot do. Yes, the Avenger out of the box, is possibly shooting a bit hot and I plan on getting it down to 20 if it is. This was to be a $300 entry level PCP that would be fully adjustable to the […] Join Us! All looks good. I ordered from Pyramid just because they are also an Air Venturi repair shop. Winning is as easy as picking a number, no strings attached! As you pump the gun, it pushes the piston back. My snafu may be in the fact I ordered a .177 as well. Between the fill probe and the piston it makes sense. But, hey, this is a gun for modders, right? Come on compressor! What’s your Pick? See Part One of this review. I was all set to order the Beeman Competition PCP when it was back in stock on the 7th of July. Air Venturi Avenger Extender 1/2 x 20 Adapter #A70. Once satisfied, I put an 8 shot magazine into a 3/4 inch circle. One head shot followed by a second through the abdomen gave him a dirt nap. He ordered one rifle. Can you measure the length of pull on the TX and the 97... Congratulations. My guess is, AV set out to offer a PCP gun with the cap of $299 that had all the possible features found in other guns shooters desired but couldn’t afford and being able to go to 4500 was a low cost option. Monthly Airgun Giveaways! I ordered on 6/19. 300 BAR, or 4351 PSI means that you will not get but a very few fills off a carbon fiber tank and that it it is really meant to be filled by a small compressor. I knew they would not arrive the second week in July. 17th Jul 2020This video is a review and user's guide for the Air Venturi Avenger .22 airgun. If you pump the gun to 3400PSI, you compress the piston fully. The results were amazing! I have heard a couple of comments already that the gun feels cheap-OH CONTRERE"-this is as good as it gets for $299. Yours truly, Michael Wendt - Owner. Field Target match Saturday Jan 9th at TCRC, Pleasant Hill NC, Airgunners of Arizona Dec. 19, 2020 match report from Ben Avery Shooting Facility - Phoenix, AZ, Bench Rest Match 12.5.20 Heflin, AL (Results), Latest Post: Air Arms TX200 or HW97? All the best and good luck in your shooting. PERIOD. HJ857 Member. Being able to fill above 3000 is a bonus for those who can. If you do sincerely want one, don’t cancel your order. That is one of several differences I think the triggers are different as well. airgun forum. PreOrders for Avenger placed before early July will be shipped by July 20. NOW, the in stock timing is September 15 !!! 4th Jun 2020 I am going to make a bold statement: The Air Venturi Avenger is the BEST BUDGET AIRGUN I have EVER shot! You may need to play around with it a little to get it down below 20 foot pounds. So hopefully mine will ship by next week. Recent Posts. KUDOS!!! Have not touched the trigger yet, and very happy with it the way it came from PA (about 2 lbs). A competitor for the Air Venturi Avenger? Lightly oiled moving parts with RemOil. I recall years and years ago a similar situation with an airgun (don’t recall which one) causing a bunch of people canceling their preorders (no, not the Hammer. And moreover the rear buttstock sounded hollow and felt waaay too light. Add to cart This version allows you to use a larger suppressor than the Tanto or KOI without having to remove it to fill the gun. The only changes I have made to the gun from the way I received it is, lowered the regulator pressure to 1200 psi according to the gauge on the gun resulting in a velocity of 875 FPS (18 FPE) and producing slightly over 1” groups at 50 yards. Both have a synthetic breechblock with combined Picatinny/airgun scope rails. Join me on this trip as I take the Air Venturi Avenger .25 caliber Air Rifle on a small game hunt in Wisconsin. Like you, I'll try the pro tune and go from there. Took about 200 pumps from basically empty as received from PA to get to 3300. Can't wait to see what these things can do. ... Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts. Saw the same ETA. for when a couple of us go on an annual prairie dog hunt in May/ June. https://www.umarexusa.com/the-umarex-origin, https://hardairmagazine.com/reviews/umarex-origin-its-the-best-first-pcp-air-rifle/. SHOOTING THE AIR VENTURI AVENGER .22 CAL AT 50 YARDS VS STEEL PLATE with the FX 18 gr was definitely fun. I have no idea, so if anyone has any idea how it works, I'm sure curious. Took four shots to adjust the 4-16-50 to my aim point. Now it's set for September? What would be the trade off? 17th Jul 2020This video is a review and user's guide for the Air Venturi Avenger .22 airgun. The .177 I intend to use as an affordable “loaner” gun for getting guys/gals started in HFT. I ordered the Air Venturi Avenger .25 on June 19 from PA. WTB: Airforce accessories & upgrade parts: Air Tanks; .25 Barrel; Stock; AR Grip Adapter; etc.. Air Arms TX200 or HW97? I as well, ordered a .25 and a .177 in mid June. Our newest member: BAD4FUN Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read, Topic Icons: Not Replied Replied Active Hot Sticky Unapproved Solved Private Closed. Forums › PCP Airguns › PCP Airgun – Tuning & Repair › Air Venturi Avenger Parts Diagram? Hardairmagazine tuned their .22 down to 20fpe, filled to 3000 psi and got a very respectable 90 shots. This new model is a new entrant in the “$300 PCP” air rifle market that was pioneered by the Umarex … He thought was a good idea for a Christmas gift, and gave me $500 to get her a good set up. I suspect the .177 tuned to shoot HFT, will easily shoot a 60 shot match without refilling at 3000. Featuring an externally adjustable regulator and externally adjustable hammer spring, the Avenger provides the user a seemingly infinite amount of performance adjustability never seen at … We get out hands on the New entry level Air Venturi Avenger in .25 caliber. Seems like a great gun to "dip the toe in" so to speak. Long before it.) Anyone know what is going on with Air Venturi, re: Avenger availability? This Air Venturi Avenger review results in a well-earned HAM Gold Award! Hey David! I would hope the .177 properly tuned for FT would produce in excess of 120 shots on the 300 bar fill. Any guesses on the technology that makes up the Ever Pressure Tank System? A new guy/gal who’s smacking kill zones quickly become an “addict”.. I had the gun filled to 3300 psi, reg. at 2600. https://www.umarexusa.com/the-umarex-origin, There is some info in this article: https://hardairmagazine.com/reviews/umarex-origin-its-the-best-first-pcp-air-rifle/. I ordered the T200 from Champions Choice... A friend of mine had recent issues with Pyramid Air. Original reply from PA was "in stock" in early July, then target moved to July 20. It will be cool though if some of the parts can be swapped. The .25 will be a backup gun (if it shoots reallly reallly well, maybe my primary?) A buddy got notification yesterday (7/21) that his 0.177 shipped. Yours will be given to the next person in line and their are a lot of them, and you will go to the back. How could they cram so many top-end features into a $300 airgun? Armed with this information, we can start our first tune. I’m thinking that without the pump, they could sell it for $250 and it could be a possible competitor for the Air Venturi Avenger. i believe the rifle you were thinking of was the Badger 40cal from Airgun Depot, I pre-ordered as did a lot of others and a bunch canceled because of the wait and then the price went after that. If this is a concern, you will want to pursue an aftermarket moderator. Rifle Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Calibre.177(4.5mm) Velocidad de 1000 Precargado Pneumatico Amartillado lateral Culata sintética Regulador ajustable externamente (hasta 3000 PSI / 210 BAR) Tornillo de ajuste del resorte del martillo de fácil acceso Gatillo ajustable de dos etapas Presión máxima de llenado: 4351 PSI … Seems kind of expensive to put all that in the end of a gun, but I guess gas pistons can be had pretty cheaply in bulk. So now we understand how our Air Venturi Avenger performs in factory condition. Sounds like we are in luck! Is it a good thing, or another bit of garbage that'll break in 3 months? Sound the same too. If you insist on a walnut stock to make you "feel better", and think that the gun will perform better? Marvelous trigger, and butter smooth side lever. Let’s take a look at this year’s most anticipated budget PCP air rifle: the Air Venturi Avenger! Both have a shrouded barrel, together with an identical manual safety and trigger. As far as the Avenger is concerned, you might find these videos interesting: A second friend of mine and I are old Crosman, Sheridan and Benjamin fans that recently got sick and tired of pumping. If I get the .177 in time I may take it to the Arlington Texas (if still planned) FT match. With the hammer spring and regulator being adjustable, I see no problem there. Neat! I was immediately turned off by the high fill pressure. Agree, it will not be any time soon for deliveries. At 68 yds, the accuracy is phenomenal. It looks like there is no lower air tube on this one. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. go for it. WTB Older Style QB78 Lite Weight Thumbhole Stock, WTS: New Fusion and Fenix Cometa wood stocks. This rifle continues to impress, and this time I’m using both pellets and slugs in it! So, I assume the way it works is that a gas piston in the end of the tube always applies a given pressure. Where would corners be cut? They are allot alike but the Avenger has a regulator the Origin does not. My site in distance is 65 yds. Keep us posted. Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total). In: Uncategorized. Does the high fill pressure bother you guys on the the Avenger? On: October 23, 2020. A few months ago I picked up the newest model from Air Venturi, the Avenger in .22 caliber.