The Guam flying fox (Pteropus tokudae), also known as the little Marianas fruit bat, was a tiny megabat from Guam in the Marianas Islands in Micronesia that was confirmed extinct due to hunting or habitat changes. Consumption of a single flying fox may have resulted in an equivalent BMAA dose obtained from eating 174 to 1,014 kg of processed cycad … β-Methylamino-l-alanine (BMAA) occurs in higher levels in museum specimens of the Guamanian flying fox than in the cycad seeds the flying foxes feed on, confirming the hypothesis that cycad neurotoxins are biomagnified within the Guam ecosystem. A further 4 are listed as extinct: the dusky flying fox, the large Palau flying fox, the small Mauritian flying fox, and the Guam flying fox. CITES is an international agreement between governments, aimed to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. And the bats are known to eat cycad seeds, which contain a neurotoxin called BMAA. The bat is boiled alive, with all of its parts intact, before being served up with coconut milk and, preferably, vegetables. Traditional feasting on flying foxes may be related to the prevalence of neuropathologic disease in Guam. Guam Flying Fox (Pteropus tokudae) Once native to the island of Gaum, the tokudae was first documented in 1931, roosting with another bats species on the island, the larger and much more common Marianas flying-fox. The amount of … The local people, Chamorro, who hunted the bat always considered it a rare catch. It was first recorded in 1931 and was observed roosting with the larger and much more common Marianas flying fox. P. tokudae is most frequently referred to as the Little Marianas Fruit bat (Conservation Management Institute 1996). Other common names are Guam flying fox, Tokuda’s fruit bat, Tokuda’s flying fox and, by the Chamorro peoples of Guam, Fanihi (Conservation Management Institute 1996). Guam's flying fox bats are a prized food of the Chamorro. Pteropus tokudae (Guam flying fox) Suborder Megachiroptera; Family Pteropodidae; Sub Family Pteropodinae; Genus Pteropus; Species Name tokudae; Sub Species; Subspecies Of; Common Name Guam flying fox; Synonomy Of; Dist Map False; Extinct True; Managed True; Fed Legal Status extinct ? The dish is made with flying fox or fruit bat in a coconut milk soup. It also accumulates in the tissue of seed-eating flying foxes, which the Chamorro hunt and eat. Lishko Vitaliy Extinct Animals ℗ 2020 Lishko Vitaliy Released on: 2020-04-07 Auto-generated by YouTube. Everything but the fur, teeth, and bones is supposed to be eaten. Originating from the tiny island of Guam, kå'du fanihi is a truly unique specialty. Very little is known about the species. Consumption of a single flying fox may have resulted in an equivalent BMAA dose obtained from eating 174 to 1,014 kg of processed cycad flour.